Tim Berne, Snakeoil, Harlem in the Himalayas, February 17, 2012, NYC

Tim Berne

We’re very excited to be attending Tim Berne‘s debut release concert of  his ECM Snakeoil recording being held at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on Friday February 17th, 2012. The concert is entitled Harlem in the Himalayas.

Snakeoil is a potent blend of new voices and new ideas. Oscar Noriega (woodwinds), Matt Mitchell (keyboards) and Ches Smith (percussion) bring fresh sounds and vibrant energy. Berne responds with a stunning book of new pieces balancing compositional rigor with fluid group improvisation. Hypnotic rhythms and long, seductive melodies collide with jagged dissonances and surprising textural shifts. A lush, organic blend of saxophones and clarinets is layered with electronic and acoustic keyboards and an ever-changing tapestry of percussion. Freedom and discipline, consonance and discord, past, present and future- all work together to power this new band from Tim Berne. (This information is courtesy of the Rubin Museum of Art Web site).

We have become familiar with the Rubin Museum from watching Reel 13 on Saturday nights on WNET. The Rubin Museum of Art is a proud sponsor of Channel 13 on PBS. Their advertisements for the museum have intrigued us to pay a visit. We just can’t go wrong with an intimate jazz performance at this beautiful museum performance space.

I must place a pre-order for Tim Berne’s Snakeoil on his Website,Screwgun Records.  It’s $14.99 for the Audio CD on his site. Maybe I can get Tim and his band members to sign it for me at the event 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tim Berne, Snakeoil, Harlem in the Himalayas, February 17, 2012, NYC

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