Tedeschi Trucks Band/Scrapomatic, The Klein, Bridgeport, Oct. 29th

Jazzed that The Fairfield Theatre Company has booked the Tedeschi Trucks Band along with Scrapomatic. The concert takes place Saturday October 29th at The Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, Ct.

What I am even more pleased about is that the concert tickets were $50 each for FTC members. Just last Friday Ridgefield Playhouse charged $127 each for the same seats to see Tedeschi Trucks Band live. We are saving $77 a ticket and did I also mention we’re getting two bands that night, Hey Now!

Thanks Fairfield Theater Company for charging the right price for us members. Keeping music affordable in these dire economic times speaks to your commitment to us the music buying public. We attend thirty+ concerts a year and appreciate a value when we see one!

3 thoughts on “Tedeschi Trucks Band/Scrapomatic, The Klein, Bridgeport, Oct. 29th

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  2. Hey Slut-
    Right on about ticket prices. Did you make it to the Klein in the storm Saturday? Did the show go on? We had tickets but couldn’t get there from MA. Very, very bummed about that. No Derek, no Susan, and still without power! Pretty ironic: TTB played the hottest day of the year at Vibes in Bport…and came back with snow! They are a force to be reckoned with.


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