Santana – Las Vegas – Fri. September 3, 2010

Supernatural (Santana album)

Image via Wikipedia

Santana Supernatural at The Joint in Las Vegas. This will be our third time seeing Santana in Vegas. We saw the Santana Supernatural show in September, 2009 and again in May 2010 each concert having its own unique set list.

We like the Aztec custom stage setting that The Joint has specially created for the Santana Supernatural concert experience. From the Santana lion with the laser eyes at the top of the stage down past the magic mirror on the back center wall that displays the larger than life video feed out to the audience of what’s happening on stage. The theatrics are greatly enhanced with the added visual dimension to the sound and texture of Santana live.

Don’t be misled that this is just a typical Las Vegas show. This is Santana live and the band works hard to produce the explosive Santana sound we all love to dance the night away to. 😉

We are looking forward to seeing our friend and Santana trumpet player  Bill Ortiz very soon now. 🙂

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