Pat Metheny – Orchestrion – Sat. October 23, 2010

Secured Pat Metheny Orchestrion Tour tickets at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT for Saturday October 23rd, 2010. We’ll be seated in the Orchestra Pit 3rd row right of center, facing the stage.  Orchestrion from the Orchestra Pit, karma, Neh 🙂

This is a big coup for us as we are major fans of Pat Metheny’s unique sound and interpretations. Earlier this year I did a graduate school project that centered around music and education. I constructed a Web site, that highlights jazz, education and instructional design as an integrated metaphor.

I feature on this Web site a Windows Media Player edition of a PowerPoint 2010 presentation focused on Instructional Design Methodology. I took the liberty to combine Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion polyphonic compositions with the intricacies of constructing an instructional design, accepting the synergies existent between the two universes of entertainment and information.

You can download that Instructional Design Methodology as a 32MB PowerPoint Windows Media file located as a link on this page: I hope you will watch this presentation and write your opinion of what you experienced as a follow-up comment to this blog post.

4 thoughts on “Pat Metheny – Orchestrion – Sat. October 23, 2010

  1. so, Ed, how did you like Metheny/Orchestrion at the Warner? my wife and I were there. I thought it was an excellent show in so many ways. My only gripe, if you can call it that, is–Pat’s explanation of “how it worked” left me scratching my head, and engendered a lot more questions. Not that he owes us any explanations. It would have been okay if he just said…well, it’s magic. I kind of got how he controlled the array during his improvs, but he didn’t really go into how it worked for the Orchestrion suite. Do you suppose that runs off a laptop?

    • Rich,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have been trying to put my thoughts together about Pat’s Orchestrion Tour.

      We loved the performance. It was musique electronique as only Pat Metheny can accomplish. There was so much to watch and enjoy. I’ve been playing Orchestrion since day one and after 70+ listenings, it is so much more meaningful to see all the solenoid & robotic instruments. I loved how it was structured and arranged around the stage.

      I think the MacBook or perhaps even a mounted iPad is the computer central control. He would bend down periodically center stage and make a setting here or there on what looked like an iPad mounted on a music easel. He seemed to look at it when he first spoke to us at length before he performed Soul Search.

      I was intrigued with how he moved the tracks around from the logical sequence of the five tracks on the CD. He broke that up with four tracks, Orchestrion the fourth selection. Then his explanation to us, which was very funny when he said “Pat has lost his mind.”

      I would have loved an over the shoulder look at all he was doing but I can respect he would want some trade secrets. Wouldn’t you just love to hang out with him for three hours and listen to him expound upon his creation.

      The improvisations were illuminating. I wonder if they will end up on the Web somewhere as I bet someone taped the show (time to hunt the Internet).

      That was my fifth time seeing Pat Metheny. I first saw him at Westport’s Players Tavern in the late 70s. Next my wife and I saw him at The Palace in Stamford, We Live Here tour. He and the group knocked us out that night. Then we saw the Speaking of Now Tour in 03 at the Shubert in New Haven. We met him after the show, my wife took his picture and he signed a poster and CD for us. Then we saw him at The Bushnell with The Pat Metheny Trio with Christian McBride and Antonio Sanchez. They performed Day Trip/Tokyo works that had no titles yet, just numbers….

      I am eager to see the Pat Metheny Group again with Lyle Mays in particular. But we will have to see where Pat Metheny wants to take us next, won’t we Rich?


      • Ed, I was probably at some of the same shows, w/ the exception of Westport and the Bushnell. Saw him with Ornette Coleman at the Palace in New Haven, that was pretty crazy. Amazingly I have seen the trio a couple of times right here in fairfield, once at Fairfield U. and once at the Fairfield Theater Co, a once in a lifetime opportunity in a very intimate venue (182) that will probably never happen again. (have you ever been there? not far for you at all–lots of interesting shows) I feel the same way about seeing PMG again–really looking forward to that. Shoot me an email in case you ever want to hook up at a show.

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