Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Ridgefield Playhouse, Sat. May 8, 2010

Totally psyched to be attending the V.I.P. Party before the concert for this event!

Keith Emerson & Greg Lake Of Emerson Lake and Palmer: An initimate evening of “The Nice”, “King Crimson” and “ELP”, Music and Story Telling

The innovators of the progressive rock era, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake welcome you into the inner circle with an intimate evening of performing classic songs, telling stories and interacting with the audience!

I have seen the Carl Palmer Band and the Keith Emerson band at Toads Place in New Haven  on previous occassions, but never Keith & Greg together, 😉

One thought on “Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Ridgefield Playhouse, Sat. May 8, 2010

  1. I received this letter from Keith Emerson this morning. I am glad we held onto our tickets for the projected May 8th show.

    Keith thank you for writing us and explaining what happened.

    Your loyal fans,
    Ed & Rosemary Jennings


    I must apologize for the very last-minute cancellation of the show in Lakewood, and also of Glenside and Ridgefield shows, and for my absence of an issuance of any sort of statement.

    The production we had hoped to put on was lacking in its musical and technical preparations. I was too distraught and embarrassed to come on stage to perform or even to announce the sudden cancellation myself, and to issue a statement immediately. What we were embarking upon was completely new ventures for both of us. I could not appear in front of an audience with high-expectations so unprepared. At that particular time, the quality of music I wished to present was more important to me than my reputation or financial gain. I now realize fully that the decision had a devastating effect on many including fans, my crew, staff, the promoters and the venues.

    I will make every effort to fulfill our commitments to fans and friends at the re-scheduled dates in May for the cancelled shows.

    I realize that I have disappointed my loyal fans. I know that many of you have traveled afar, used your precious vacation days, and spent your hard-earned money just to see the show. I am very sorry not only to those who came to Lakewood and those who bought tickets for Glenside and Ridgefield shows, but also all fans for whom I have deep respect.

    I hope you can accept us delivering good shows, starting on Monday, April 5 in Annapolis, as a form of sincere apology.

    Keith Emerson
    Annapolis, 3 April 2010

    (Please note that this is my personal letter to my fans. An official joint statement to be issued soon.)

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