The Edgar Winter Band, Fri. November 6th, Infinity Music Hall

So dig Edgar Winter. I bought The Edgar Winter’s White Trash LP in 1971, loving the songs “Dyin to Live” and “Keep Playin That Rock and Roll”

We have seen him twice in the history of our concert goings. The first time was at Norwalk High School in 1972. That night it was Edgar Winter Group, with Rick Derringer and Dan Hartmann. They rocked the house that night.

The next time I saw Edgar Winter was 2006 at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena when Edgar Winter was part of Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band. Edgar Winter added a lot of excitement  to that evening. He had Ringo smiling often as Edgar is very enthusiastic and engaging as both an artist and a person. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Edgar Winter Band, Fri. November 6th, Infinity Music Hall

  1. The Edgar Winter Band:

    Saxopohone, Drums, Keytar, Vocals: Edgar Winter
    Lead Guitar: Doug Rappoport
    Bass Guitar: Koko Powell
    Drums: Jason Carpenter

    Set List:
    1) Rebel Road
    2) Eye on You
    3) Turn On Your Lovelight
    4) Texas
    5) Unamed Boogie
    6) Texas Tornado
    7) Frankenstein
    8) Power of Positive Drinkin’
    9) Tobacco Road, which also included
    Creams, Sunshine of Your Love, a Led Zep tune and Shout
    10) Free Ride
    Encore: 11) Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

  2. Ho,
    Thanks for the comment about the discography.
    I haven’t monitored it in a while so let let me know if there are any updates.
    Tony La
    (I said ho because you are a slut 🙂 )

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